About us

Modebo® consists of a tansdisciplinary team focused on promoting energy efficiency in buildings and industry. The team has an extensive experience in engineering and architecture, specializing in electronic design, software and communications, as well as bioclimatic design, passive architecture and real-time energy modeling.

Basing its solutions in homeostatic design, Modebo® provides integrated solutions and customized to the specific needs of every project. The homeostatic design comes from the word homeostasis, which is the ability to keep certain variables in a steady state, of dynamic equilibrium or within certain limits, changing parameters of its internal structure.

From the greek Homo  "Similar" and estasis  "position", "estability"

Modebo® designs and implements integral homeostatic solutions for energy efficiency in buildings and industry. The projects customized to fit the needs of our customers are proposed to achieve certifications in sustainability and they include innovative technology for measurement and verification. Passive architecture, control, automation and monitoring represent great benefits as well as energy and resources savings for the businesses.

For a project of 1,000 m2 at a cost of $ 120,000 USD, Modebo® can expect to save up to 90% of air conditioning and heating systems, reduce up to 40% of lighting usage and up to 80% of water usage. This would represent savings of over $ 25,000 USD a year only in energy consumption. In addition to these savings, the capital gain of buildings is significantly increased.