Offices & Corporate buildings

One of the most representative costs in the operation of buildings is the use and consumption of energy and resources. For example, for consumption of water or gas there is usually no other control than the reception of monthly or bimonthly bills. The electricity in corporate buildings has its greatest use in lighting and heating or cooling systems.

Modebo® develops solutions customized to each project focused on reducing consumption and a more efficient and optimal usage. Through studies of energy performance, thermal and dynamic behavior of the building and environment; bioclimatic and technological solutions are design, that enhance the efficiency of energy and resources use, creating and ensuring efficient corporate complexes, achieving savings of up to 80% in lighting and heating or cooling systems.

By the implementation of passive architectural designs and intelligent control technology, there is greater integration of the building with the environment. This promotes healthy spaces and maximum comfort, and having not only great economic benefits but the total transformation of the spaces towards sustainability. So, guiding to national and international certifications in operation, maintenances and sustainability.