The integration of Modebo®'s fields of study results in a transdisciplinary and synergistic process, not limited to developing energy saving solutions, or to protect the environment, but to create solutions for efficiency and optimization. This allows an appropriate manner to resolve issues that may impact on the operation, it supports good decision-making, achieves high levels of energy efficiency, makes unexpected changes required in the project, and more.

This is achieved through a strategy of attack that is: To deeply study the specific case being treated through and information gathering and systematic analysis of energetic, thermal and dynamic performance of the building. To perform a bioclimatic and technological solutions deployment plan to achieve greater efficiency in resources usage and operation optimization. After carrying out the implementations, a continuous monitoring of the facilities is carried out to ensure optimum performance over time.

These types of solutions guide the projects with implementations of Modebo® for clean industry certifications, Energy Star, LEED, among others.