Industrial & commerce

Having monitoring and control systems in an industry or commerce gives users the ability to know the energy consumption of every device in real time, control the use of each, prevent equipment failures and do preventive maintenance. This leads to large economic benefits in maintenance and repair fees, as well as efficient use of resources in the operation, which is equivalent to reduction in costs.

The implementation of solutions in the industrial and commercial sector involves a thorough analysis of available resources in their immediate environment, while maintaining a monitoring of their behavior. This results in ensuring employee comfort and high levels of productivity, promoting environmental awareness, better competitive position and market differentiation. Also, in ascertainment before shareholders and multinational corporations of the company's environmental performance and creating shared value: company-clients, strengthening accountability, social and environmental commitment, and reducing risks to health and the environment.

Whether in an industrial plant operation, in a mall or hotel maintenance, or the operation of a chain of stores, Modebo® achieves energy and resources consumption optimization and efficiency by the implementation of solutions such as: control of electrical equipment, start system logistics, process automation, thermal and energetic studies and analysis, bioclimatic solutions implementations in buildings, among others. This type of integration of industry or commerce solutions can be designed to obtain international certifications or operation and sustainability.