Through Modebo® developed technology, an integral specific variables measurement is achieved, such as current or voltage or electrical power, gas or water flow, levels and resources; as well as the equivalent translation of these values to environmental impact variables like CO2 tons, barrels of oil or gas, household electricity supplied per month/year with the energy saved, tons of waste avoided, among others.

Modebo®'s devices can operate as verifier of wastes in resources or energy saving systems, control systems or measured consumption of variables. The devices are designed with high quality standards according to the required certifications for the measurement needed for the project. Modebo® has extensive experience, as it has developed verification systems for nationwide projects, which have successfully been used for international reports of actions against climate change. The energy study that Modebo® does is based on measurements taken over significant periods of time. Not only an isolated measurement is taken with proportionality calculus, Modebo®'s devices are able to take actual measurements through the time necessary for the study.